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Who's Who At Highampton Primary  School 

Our Staff


Mr Phil Whittley Head of Primary Education 

 Mrs Angela Restall Head of School 









Head of School   Mrs Angela Restall  

Designated Safeguard Lead

Teaching KS2 Class 


























Miss Sophie Batstone EYFS/KS1 class teacher


Miss Sarah Hastie ppa/ SLT relief teacher


Felicity  Lowe KS2 Teaching assistant



  Tracy Woodhouse KS2 Teaching Assistant




Kelly Henderson Class 1  teaching assistant and

Meal time assistant





Mrs Germaine Andrew EYFS transition teaching assistant/Early Morning Club leader



Mrs Jan Urand Mealtime assistant


Special Needs  Coordinator SENDCo 

DTSA Mrs Cheryl George 


Cleaner Caretaker/Devon Norse Mrs Tracy Anstey

Mrs Amy Bernstone Administrator

Mrs Amy Bernstone Administrator 1



Miss Sophie Batstone

EYFS/KS1 Class teacher


Cover teacher

Miss Sarah Hastie