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Spring 2020

The learner of this week (13th March) was from Class 2,  Riley Bowden, for being consistent in his hard work and effort in all lessons. He particularly shone this week due to his kind and grown-up response to challenges he faced with group work.

Week commencing 9th March: This week we learnt about Spiders and their skins in English. We wrote down questions, like ‘Are they deadly?’. We read the information and finding key words, like ‘tarantula’, and used the glossary to find out what they meant.

This week in maths we learnt about decimal points and dividing by 10. When we divide by 10 we share a number between ten groups and the number gets smaller. When we place the number on a place value chart it moves to the right one step.

We learnt trading and what it feels like in trading and what happens. We did P.E. where there were 2 teams and we had to pass the ball to our goal by talking to each other. In music we practised singing “Lean on Me” because we are going to do a singing thing for Class 1 to listen to.

My favourite lesson this week was Geography when we learnt about trade because we had to make cocoa beans and chocolate bars and sell them to the shop and the shops sold them to ‘Geoff’. It was good because it was really fast and we didn’t have to write anything in our books.

Written by Riley R. Year 4

Week commencing 2nd March:This week in English, we have been looking at the book Tuesday to help us write a newspaper report. On Monday, we were pretending that we were being newspaper reporters and answering the questions. 0n Tuesday, we were looking at the features of a newspaper report mainly about the orientation. On Wednesday, we looked at the different quotes writing in Devonshire also at how different the police, scientist, the old lady and man in the kitchen window would speak. On Thursday, we were planning how to write a newspaper report of our own based on the book Tuesday.


In maths we have been looking at fractions mainly how to times and divide also we have been working really hard on the end of block to see what we have learnt about fractions. On Monday when years 3, 4 and 5 were doing science the year 6’s were practising two maths SATs papers.


On Tuesday we made a big collage across all the tables we were doing it about the book Tuesday some of the materials we used were: sugar paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, connect cubes, Lego and string. On Wednesday we did P.E. in P.E. we were doing some balances. At the end of the day we did a little bit of music. On Thursday, because it was world book day, we all looked at the 500-word challenge.


My favourite lesson was the end of fraction block test so we could move on to the next topic.


Written by Aiden C. Year 6



Week commencing 24th February:This week has been an exciting week for English and maths in Class 2 as we have been able to split the class on the Thursday morning, between Miss Floyd and Miss Balsdon. This has given the children the opportunity to work in a smaller class group and have specialised input catering for where they are in their educational journey.


English-For the next two weeks we are studying a picture book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. Please use the following link to view an animated version of the book: We have imagined ourselves to be the gentleman in the kitchen and written a diary entry all about his strange Tuesday evening.


Maths-Years 3 and 4 have, this week, completed the topic of fractions. They have been looking at adding fractions together and subtracting them. I have been really impressed with how they have begun to use mathematical equipment to show me how they are understanding the processes. Years 5 and 6 have moved on to multiplying and dividing fractions. This can be a tricky concept to understand, but they have quickly spotted patterns that have supported them through the lessons.


Science-This week we had a split science lesson. Years 3 and 4 suck their teeth into the topic of teeth, using mirror to watch how all their different teeth functioned where eating an apple. They then created models of the different teeth. Years 5 and 6


Geography-This week we looked at what an Anglo-Saxon would be looking for in a settlement site. We considered how the land around the site could prove beneficial or not, using this information to design our own versions of ideal settlement sites.


Celebrations-I was very excited for the learner of the week to be a member of Class 2, Shannon G. She Received this for her continued effort in all the subjects, but particularly maths.  First recipient of the Learner of the week trophy before half term was Sofia B. from Class 2, whose interest and achievement in all subjects was celebrated.