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The school is moving to being a 'cashless' organisation and we therefore use a Gateway system run by Schoolcomms for parents to pay for:


School meals (Dinners)




The system also allows parents to provide consent for trips/clubs etc and there is a useful communication hub for the school and parents to send each other emails/texts.


  • How will emails get to me and what will they look like?  The emails will arrive in your inbox at your email address just like any other email and will have the school’s name in the “from” box.
  • Will I get any advertising SPAM?  No, your contact details are not shared with anyone except the school office.  You will only receive messages from School Gateway that have been sent by Highampton Primary School.
  • What if I change my email address or mobile phone number?  Please contact the school directly and inform them of any changes to your contact details.
  • Can I reply to emails or texts?  No – you should contact the school office by telephone: 01837 231339 or via the school email address:


The system can be run from your computer or mobile telephone.