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Below you will find a pdf of maths planning for this half term. Please use this in conjunction with the maths booklets issued at the start of lockdown. These will last the whole of the half term. We have produced the planning and booklets to allow you flexibility in how you structure the days through out the half term.

Only complete 1 maths lesson a day. Then, upload each piece on a daily basis in order to allow us to mark the work and provide valuable feedback that will assist your child before they move onto the next step. Please respond to feedback in the booklets using purple pen. 


Please keep the booklets safe so you can return them to school when we return to full provision.  


Within the pdf, you will see a weekly breakdown. There are 3 types of lessons.

1. Elicitation or Application Task

These tasks are assessments. There is no time limit but please complete these on your own and just try your best! 

2. General Lessons

These lessons provide you with a video that matches a worksheet in your booklet.

Please watch the video before having a go at the worksheet.

As you go through the video, it will ask you to PAUSE the video to have a go at the practice questions. Complete these on scrap paper and then press play on the video and it will take you through the answers. 

3. Activity Lessons

These lessons have videos but no worksheet and are sometimes practical and might ask you to use some household objects to represent numbers. You can use anything from counters, marbles to tin cans!

The video will set up various tasks throughout the video and then ask you to PAUSE and have a go. Complete these tasks in your squared paper books with the video title. Once you have completed a task, the video will take you through the answers before introducing the next activity. Mark your work in purple pen.  


Please note not all videos are recorded as of yet but we will add these before they are required. 

Other Maths Learning Activities

Should you finish the provided activities before the hour is up, use the remaining time to complete some of the maths learning tasks below.